About Expat Care

Founder, Managing Director - Sasha Morgan, MSc.

I’ve been assisting expats settle into Prague since 2005. While doing this work my vision has been to create a company which goes beyond the basics of relocation. A company which looks to protect expats, advise them, help them to socialize in their new environment, and give them everything they could possibly need while living in the Czech Republic. This inspiration led me to create Expat Care, which has now become the doorstep to many happy expat lives in the Czech Republic.

I am grateful for all of my team members, who are Czechs and expats and share the same vision as myself.  I’m incredibly proud of their attitude to work diligently and their enthusiasm to help people.

As the owner and managing director I personally look after all the client inquiries to ensure that the task is given to the most experienced member of the team. I also constantly check on the progress and the successful completion of every single inquiry. I communicate and carefully select all team members, suppliers, and partners  so that we can help create a happy expat life for our clients in the Czech Republic.

About Expat Care Team

Managing Partner, Immigration Specialist - Arseni Nesterov, Bc.

I moved to the Czech Republic in 2001, and I know firsthand how challenging it can be to relocate to a new country. That’s why I’m happy to be a part of Expat Care and work alongside our team of capable and reliable people that are inspired by one idea- making people living abroad feel at home.

My main role is to look after the process of relocation and visa/immigration matters. I very closely cooperate with Sasha regarding our client’s relocation needs and our external immigration specialist in regards to visa matters.

Relocation Specialist, Relocation and Immigration matters- Pavel Pyszko, M.A.

After having lived as an expat in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands for several years, I moved back to my home city of Prague. My aim is to ease the relocation process for all expats that are coming to live here. From my own experience, I know that it is the first impression that counts the most. That's why I am proud to be the first point of contact for many of our clients in order to make sure that they will settle in their new home as smoothly as possible. In our team, I am responsible for our relocation division and also support my colleague Arseni with immigration matters.

Relocation Manager, Real Estates Coordinator - Lenka Cerna, Bc.

I have been working with expats since 2009 for one medium international company. I have always admired their decision to relocate to a different country with different culture and with a language barrier. In 2012 I have done 1 year internship in the UK so I have been an expat myself. I have found it quite difficult but fortunately I can speak the language. After coming back from the UK I have been looking for a new career opportunity where I could work with expatriates to be helping them and I wanted to work in a team. I am very happy I got the job offer with Expat Care. The name of the company is its philosophy and I am very grateful to be a member of a such a great team of people devoted about their work.

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Expat Care Team

Is a mix of both locals and expats, and therefore has a wide range of experiences. Our agency is dedicated to expats from both EU and non-EU countries that are coming to the Czech Republic to live, work or study. We are ready to assist with all possible relocation issues, including but not limited to, home searches, assistance, visas, permits, employee cards, registrations and many other.