Groceries for expats in Prague

23. 3. 2014

Groceries for expats in Prague

I’m from the US, and I love burgers, hot wings, hot dogs, and pretty much any food that will add extra inches to my waist. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the Czech Republic, you know that they have their own version of comfort food that is nothing like the US. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Czech food, but every once in a while I need a taste of home. So, I’ve compiled a small list of a few of my favorite places to go shopping. Since I live near downtown Prague, I’ll focus on that.

Let me start with a wonderful little international shop in Prague 2. It’s called Robinsons. The address is Vinohradska 79. They sell American and UK type foods. They also have meats. Bacon!! I love bacon. They have American bacon, and British bacon. They have all the cheeses from home that you can’t get at the local Tesco. Cheddar is on the top of my list. I had a really hard time finding a few baking ingredients, one being chocolate chips. They had the chocolate chips I needed, and were open on Christmas Eve so I could make my Christmas cookies. They have an enormous inventory, such as candies, sodas, cereals, beers, syrups, spices, sauces, dressings, and much more. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, you can bet they’ll order it, or help you find it.

Ok, so for my next store, I like to go to Marks and Spencer . They’re all over Prague, but the one I went to is in Prague 2 near the Mustek Metro station. There is one in Prague 1 near the Namesti Republiky rail station in the Palladium shopping mall, one in the Novy Smichov Shopping mall near the Andel tram stop, and scattered all throughout Prague. I needed a few items for baking such as vanilla extract, and brown sugar. I found both items at Marks and Spencer. If you enjoy classics such as sugar cookies, and pumpkin pie, you’ll find everything you need there. In the Czech Republic they have Vanilla Aroma, which I can tell you is not the same as vanilla extract. It tastes and smells like a vanilla scented candle. Well, I’ve never actually tasted a vanilla scented candle, but you get the idea. Also, the brown sugar here is just un-refined sugar, so it isn’t that moist sugary goodness that you pack into a measuring cup.

Another treat I enjoy is sour pickles. I love them very much. Dill pickles, kosher dills, garlic ect. I believed that I would never find that here in Prague. Funny, I found exactly what I was looking for at a Russian Deli in Vinohrady on Manesova 79. It contains an entire store full of Russian foods, delicacies, and Vodkas. I just went for the pickled things though. Exactly what I was craving.

Now then, on to the meat. Ok this one is also in Prague 2. It is justly called, “The real Meat Society” . It has everything an expat could want. I take great pride in my hamburgers, but the meat I found in the local grocery stores were sub par. The meat in all of the farmers markets are excellent for Roasts, stews, and steaks, but I wanted a juicy burger like the ones from home. I was losing hope, until I saw the sign. I knew it was worth checking out. Sure enough, it was a home run. They have ground black angus already in patties, but they’re a bit small, so get extra. It was juicy, and flavorful, just like back home. If you want something in particular, like ground chuck, or beef ribeyes, he’ll cut or grind anything you want. If he doesn’t have it, he’ll find it. It is all bio/ organic, and free range. NICE! Can’t get better meat than that. You’ll find this store just off Jiraskovo Square, Naplavni 5.

If you’re looking for fresh produce, look no further than your local farmers market. They are all over town, some only one or two days a week. The food is all local and most of it is organic, or what the Czechs call Bio. My favorite of all these markets runs all week long except Sunday, and is in the city center, Prague 1. Homemade bread, homemade wine, cheeses, sweets, meats, eggs, milk and sometimes they have entertainment. It’s awesome. You’ll find everything you need there. In the states Raw milk is illegal to buy and sell. They say it’s to protect you. I really don’t need the US government protecting me from milk. Here in the Czech republic, not only is it legal, but it is the norm. I have never tasted raw milk until I moved here, and I can tell you it is delicious. So go to the farmers market Trhy u OD Kotva, Jakubská 5 at the Namesti Republiky station in Prague 1.

All in all, its safe to say, that you can find the food you’re looking for in Prague, if you just have the right information, and the know how. In all actuality I believe Prague has healthier and more flavorful food. You just can’t find it at the big chain grocery stores. So get out there, and discover Prague, because I know there is a little foodie in all of us.

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