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13. 8. 2016

Home Search Service

You are about to move to the Czech Republic and the next step is to start looking for your home. You will find a number of portals, which are English language friendly to start your search. You will then get in touch with a number of estate agents but really, have you found what you were looking for? Are you aware of the market? Will you negotiate well? Are you sure your contract is legally right and not written just for the benefit of the landlord? We will cut the story short. Why not to hire a relocation agency instead? It is hassle-free, and takes out the risks.  Some people are confused about the role of real estate agents and relocation companies. 

What is a real estate agent? A business, that arranges the selling, renting, or management of homes, land, and buildings for their owners.

What is a relocation agent? A business, that contracts with individuals or firms to arrange the relocation of a person.  Typically, they will handle the rental of a home along with other moving-related services.

 The real estate agents’ fee is usually based on the commission for the property. Relocation agencies charge for the service.

 Who pays the fee to the real estate agent and how much? The Czech Republic market is peculiar, with the following scenarios: 

  • Real estate agents exclusively charge the owner. We believe that this is correct at it is the owner of the property who wants to rent or sell the property, so he/she is the one who should be paying the real estate agent for listing the property, advertisement, communication with the landlord, photo documentation, lease contract preparation and other overheads.
  • Real estate agents who charge either the owner or the tenant.
  • Real estate agents who charge both the owner and the tenant. This is illegal.

The commission is usually 100% of one month’s rent.

What do I pay for to the relocation agency and how much do they charge? 

Some relocation agencies in the Czech Republic charge 75% or 100% of one month’s rent. We do not understand why. In fact, this can get unfair to the people with higher budgets. At Expat Care we strongly believe our customers should pay us for the service we provide, and therefore we have a fixed fee. Part of the service is a negotiation about the price of the property. If we charged commission equal to one month’s rent, negotiation wouldn’t be motivational. 


Real estate agency vs. relocation agency




Number of properties

Limited to that particular real estate agent.

Number of properties

Searching across the market. 5 major property servers, communication with TOP 20 real estate agents.

English language

Not all real estate agents speak English.

English language

We speak English as well as Czech.


On what side is a real estate agent? Maybe on both.


We exclusively represent our clients.

Lease contract

Should be supplied by owner or the real estate agent, which will be sent to tenant to review and sign.

Lease contract

We have our customers’ lease contracts reviewed by our legal department and make sure all agreed is stated.


Other benefits of cooperation with the relocation agent:

  • Time saving – You don’t need to be looking for properties. Relocation agent can save you significant time searching across the market.
  • Cost saving – We negotiate as much as we can for our clients as we are representing them. If you wish, in addition to the lowest rental payment, we can negotiate on a variety of extras, such as furnishing, service and utility payments.
  • After care service – The relocation agent can deal with any issues after the contract is signed, through the period of tenancy. You will not get this benefit with the real estate agent.
  • Legal and administrative issues – Sometimes, the process can get complex, resulting in legal issues – such as dealing with a landlord who resides outside of the Czech Republic. Again, a relocation agent, who has appropriate skill, can support the process.
  • Pre search support – Before you start the search for a particular property, the relocation agent can help with matter such as advising on the pros and cons of various areas of the city.


In our opinion, the advantages of the home search service provided by a relocation agency are significant. If you want to save the relocation agent fee, try to do your home search DIY and follow our helpful tips below.

  • Do plenty of research about Prague
  • Try to search on these sites:
  1. http://www.bezrealitky.cz (no commission to real estate agent)
  2. http://www.expats.cz/praguerealestate/?Nav (possible commission to the real estate agent, read listings properly)
  3. http://www.praguerealestate.cz (possible commission to the real estate agent, read listings properly)
  4. http://www.sreality.cz/en (possible commission to the real estate agent, read listings properly)
  • If you get in touch with a real estate agent make sure you know on which property they are charging commission from the tenant.
  • Make sure you spot all the downsides of the property. Not enough sun, close to railway, noisy bars, etc.
  • Make sure the landlord will issue all paperwork in regards to your legal/immigration matters.
  • Make sure all agreed on the viewing will be stated in the contract.
  • Have the contract reviewed by a lawyer and be aware of the contract termination details.

If you don’t want to risk any kind of disappointment, please contact us now. We can help our customers to relocate as hassle-free as possible. Our comprehensive relocation services vary from upon arrival support such as airport pick-up and an area orientation tour, followed by a home search, school search, settling in assistance, home search after care and repatriation services.

Please do not hesitate to contact Sasha on: 

E: info@expatcare.cz

T: 00420 724 175 916

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Expat Care Team

Is a mix of both locals and expats, and therefore has a wide range of experiences. Our agency is dedicated to expats from both EU and non-EU countries that are coming to the Czech Republic to live, work or study. We are ready to assist with all possible relocation issues, including but not limited to, home searches, assistance, visas, permits, employee cards, registrations and many other.