Czech lessons

Basic Czech lessons in 20 hours.

Using our years of experience at Expat Care, we have prepared a course of basic Czech lessons, which will help every expatriate to understand, communicate and to get to know the common Czech language. This will help your relocation and cultural shock, and will support and build confidence in those every day activities you take for granted in your home country.  Courses will be tailored to suit your needs, in terms of content, and duration/ timing. 

Type of course

Individual tuition

Number of lessons

20 hours

Number of attendees

One person


Czech language

Course intensity

According to client’s needs (eg. 2x60 minutes/week)


According to client’s needs

Time frame

According to client’s needs (eg. Tue and Thu 8am – 9am)

Start date

Up to 20 days from purchase order


20 x 60 minutes

Knowledge level



Basics of Czech language, Conversation

Main aim is to teach our clients basic Czech language for everyday use


Basics of Czech language

Lessons are set for individual clients to help them use the Czech language in common use with focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking. 


Is focused on improvement of spoken language of the attendee.

Next objectives will be set at the end of the course.

Main topics

1. Let's start!, 2. Numbers, colours, 3. Days, months

Practising I.

4. Shop, shopping, 5. Restaurant, food, 6. Office

Practising II.

7. Free time, hobby, animals, 8. Human body, 9. Doctor, pharmacy

Practising III.

10. Post office, 11. Traffic, Public transport, 12. Help!

Practising IV.

13. Weather, 14. Public holidays, 15. Free topic

Summary exercises and next steps

*Lessons might/can have changed order.


15.000 CZK

Price includes

Meeting to discuss client’s needs

Czech language teacher

Teacher’s travel expenses

Price doesn’t include

Books, notebooks and writing material

You may be daunted by learning a new language, especially when you are away from your home country. However, we are sure that you will find the lessons rewarding, and above all else, we think that you will find them enjoyable. We are here to teach you, and can go at whatever pace suits you.

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Expat Care Team

Is a mix of both locals and expats, and therefore has a wide range of experiences. Our agency is dedicated to expats from both EU and non-EU countries that are coming to the Czech Republic to live, work or study. We are ready to assist with all possible relocation issues, including but not limited to, home searches, assistance, visas, permits, employee cards, registrations and many other.