Diploma Validation

Nostrification or recognition of foreign education 

At present, a nostrification of education (in case of high school or vocational education) or a recognition of university education are required by the MOI for applications for

  • Green card type A
  • Green card type B – only upon request and for specific jobs
  • EU Blue Card
  • Work Permit
  • Other

Nostrification and recognition of education means that the Czech Republic will recognize the level of your education. Nostrification or recognition of education is a process, at the end of which you receive an official decision that your foreign education is equal to the one provided in the Czech Republic.

The process of validating university diplomas or documents certifying completion of part of a study program differs depending on whether the Czech Republic has concluded a bilateral international agreement on the mutual recognition of equivalence of documents on education attained and documents on granting scientific degrees and titles (so called “Equivalence agreement”) with the country where the foreign university which issued the diploma is located. Equivalence Agreements have been concluded with Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Germany. Recognition (validation) is not required for citizens of the first four countries; education of German citizens is recognized based on an application which must be approved if it meets all requirements.

For countries with no valid equivalence agreement, the recognition of foreign higher education is usually decided on by a state university (private universities do not hold such powers) in the Czech Republic running a study programme of similar content. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports will issue a certificate of recognition of education only if some doubt exists as to which public higher education institution implements a study programme of similar content and is thus competent to decide on recognition. If the area of military science is concerned, recognition is determined by the Ministry of Defence; in the area of security services, recognition is determined by the Ministry of Interior.

Diploma Validation Service includes:

  • Advisory - List of required documents
  • Filling in the application form
  • Applying for the nostrification
  • Picking up the nostrification
  • Translation of required documents

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