School Search

Finding a perfect school in the Czech Republic

In cooperation with international schools, colleges, and universities that mainly cover Prague, we can be sure to find the right place for your children, aged from 4 months to 18 years of age. Expat Care provides a highly professional school search programme which is tailor-made to each customer. We also take into account current and future plans of your child’s education and their interests and hobbies.

School Search service includes:

  • Detailed analysis
  • Providing the client with information about Czech education system and International school possibilities
  • Providing the client with a list of schools according to needs and preferences
  • School search analysis comparison
  • Scheduling school visits, interviews, accompanying clients on the appointment day
  • Advice and assistance regarding documentation for registration requirements
  • Obliging special needs through the whole process of school search

To find a perfect school feel free to contact us.

If you are looking for the best service provider, go ahead with us!

  • Proven track record of the best service delivery - references
  • Individual approach to every customer
  • Experience of being an expatriate and local market knowledge

Expat Care Team

Is a mix of both locals and expats, and therefore has a wide range of experiences. Our agency is dedicated to expats from both EU and non-EU countries that are coming to the Czech Republic to live, work or study. We are ready to assist with all possible relocation issues, including but not limited to, home searches, assistance, visas, permits, employee cards, registrations and many other.