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To Whom it may concern,

My name is Stacy Louise Phemister. My husband is currently stationed in Abu Dhabi, UAE for his Employment. With his work schedule we were finding it hard to find a permanent place to live. We had many choices of where we wanted to live, but decided Prague, CZ had everything we were looking for. 
Being from the U.S.A, getting a work visa in the EU was proving impossible. We almost gave up on living in our dream city. 

After contacting numerous expat, and visa agencies, we stumbled upon Expat care. I actually found the name purely by accident. They have made our dreams of living in Prague a reality. From the beginning, they explained every detail of what we would need to do to obtain the visas's for our entire family, and took us step by step in the process. Anytime I've ever had a question, or became worried, they calmly and proficiently explained what we were doing and why. 

They helped us with the job process, trade license, work visa, family reunification visas's, registration at the local police, and the US embassy. They also found us the most amazing apartment I've ever lived in. Not only did they do all this for us, but they've taken us shopping, translated for us, taught us how to us the public transit, and found schools for our four year old daughter. 

Not at anytime did I feel stressed or overwhelmed. The visa process, and residency process for Czech Republic is complicated, and almost impossible. With Expat Care, and the help of Sasha, Arseni, and Lenka, it was completely painless, and very easy. 

It is my opinion that anyone needing help with a Visa anywhere in the Czech Republic should only use Expat Care/ expatcare.cz . The other companies I've talked to in the past, do not have the knowledge, and compassion of Expat Care. We not only have found services with this company, but we have made friends. 

On a final note, the company made my four year old feel important also. My daughter believes in Santa Claus, and she was afraid he wouldn't find her in Prague. Sasha, Arseni, and Lenka, not only made a note, with our picture for her to send to Santa, but the got her a toy to leave in place of the note. They told Evelyn of the Christmas tradition here, and she has been so overjoyed. 

If anyone has any further questions about Expat Care, I'm available at sphemister@live.com.

Yours Sincerely, 
Stacy Louise Phemister 


As a Canadian moving to Prague, I wanted the move to be seamless and uncomplicated. After looking my options, I decided to use Expat Care CZ. Not only was Sasha and her team professional, efficient and thorough - they also followed up to ensure everything was fine. Fromfinding and negotiating an apartment, registering my non-EU visa, to furniture shopping andacquiring insurance, I can't imagine what I would have done without them!

Maui Ichikawa, Vancouver, Canada


In order to start a new life in the Czech Republic with a different language, standards, and customs, my wife and I have decided to cooperate with Expat Care. They provided fast and reliable services to us prior to leaving our home country until the time we arrived. They arranged for us to be picked-up at the airport when we first arrived and found us very suitable temporary accommodation for a couple of months; all of which allowed us to feel settled in our first few days. Within our first month, Alexandra resolved the Czech residence permit, driving licences, insurances, etc., and secured our longer term housing accommodation, with all the necessary communication services. Expat Care allowed my family to enjoy living and learning the new customs of this country.

Ch. and S. Barlow , NY, USA


You were the first expat helper to give a clear answer to my Trade licence and my Czech residence permit issues! I couldn't do it without you guys, you're super awesome! I've learnt through you guys that everything (almost) is negotiable in the Czech Republic if you know the right people and have the right attitude/perspective on the problem:) So, thanks again! The only thing I wished is that I had done this years earlier, but that's life!

L. Morresi, Italy/Australia


We are very grateful at the assistance and fast speed of the EU temporary residence permit process. Once again, many thanks for making this possible so quickly and smoothly. 

Kelly and James W., London, UK


I was extremely happy with the service and support provided by Expat Care when I applied for my long term business visa to Czech Republic, especially the amount of personalised support given by Sasha and her team.  I had contacted Expat Care after speaking to a few other agencies, and while most seemed just too keen to get you to sign up for their service even prior to answering some basic question Expat Care were the only ones that took time to answer all my questions.  After ordering long term visa premium advisory which is a bargain compare to others, every step in the application went like clockwork and I would recommend their services to anyone looking for an extremely reliable and customer friendly VISA application and support service.

Simon O’Reilly, Florida, USA


I've been looking for someone to represent my business in the Czech Republic for several months, before I found Expat Care. They now manage our Czech printing and with their knowledge of the language and local markets, they have even negotiated better prices and trading terms for my company.They regularly update me with all I need to know regarding our orders, and are on hand to manage the job expertly and efficiently. 
Expat Care are doing a great job. Well done!

Lee Walker - Managing Director of Tenfold Limited, UK (www.wearetenfold.com)


I just wanted to thank you on my behalf of my family for all of the help you provided during our time living in the Czech Republic. From the work in getting my family their visas (and waiting in line at the foreign police!), to introducing us to the international schools in Prague, to helping with little things like finding a baby sitter and a cleaner for the house, we can’t imagine getting along without you being there.

Steven K. ,  Annapolis, Maryland, USA


Thanks for your help in finding our apartment! I know it wasn’t easy finding us a place so quickly, but I’m thrilled that we found on in time, and in the perfect location between the school and the office. It couldn’t have been any better. 

Thanks again for your highly professional assistance. I’ll be referring you to all of my colleagues at the office.

- Maria S.


Our move last weekend went great. Thank you for arranging the moving company. They were professional and fast and very careful with our items, and the price was much less than the others we had called.  We’ll definitely be in touch with you the next time we need some assistance in Prague.

- Ellen H., Cardiff


Hi Sasha, the beer tasting event was a lot of fun. Thanks so much for inviting me. I knew that the Czech Republic had good beer, but wow!

I’ll definitely be looking forward to the next event and seeing you and the crew there again. Cheers!

- Simon W.

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